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We have wide experience of working with children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

We work closely with parents/carers and the other professionals involved with each child to give them the best opportunity to develop to their full potential. We use the Graduated Approach - assess, plan, do, review - and have regular assessment and review meetings with parents and our SENCO Advisor from Hounslow. We work closely with Hounslow's Early Years SEN Team, and will apply for SEN Inclusion Funding if it would support a child with extra help in the nursery. We welcome other professionals involved with the child into Elmwood to observe and give us advice. All involvement is always with the consent of the child's parents; it needs to be a real partnership in order to fully benefit the child and to support the child's parents and family.

Staff at Elmwood are trained and experienced in individual and small group activities designed to work with children with a range of additional needs. 

Before any child with diagnosed SEND joins us at Elmwood, parents/carers visit the setting and consult with our experienced SENCO, Mrs Lisa, and our Principal. Our goal is to meet the needs of all the children whatever their abilities or areas of need.

Additional support

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