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We follow the Montessori curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum to track a child's individual progress. We believe that each child should be supported and encouraged to learn at their own pace and we ensure that the materials and activities provided are aligned with the age and stage of your child.  

We observe each child on a daily basis throughout each session. We also work on a one-to-one basis to support them in progressing through all areas of learning. We plan for each child in a cycle of Observation - Assessment - Planning.

We compile a Learning Journal for each child, updated throughout their time at Elmwood. These are filled with photographs, explanations, quotes, observations, planning and examples of their learning. They are available to the children to look through in the classroom and for parents to see at their parent-teacher meeting each term and will be yours to take home once your child leaves Elmwood :) 

We also schedule individual parent meetings each term with a child's teacher to discuss progress and any concerns. A Two-Year Old Progress Check will be completed with parents shortly after a child's second birthday. Additional meetings are arranged as requested or as needed. 

Tracking a child's progress

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