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Admissions procedure

First a few words from Sarah, the Principal:

Thank you very much for looking at our website. I have tried to include enough information to give you a clear picture of the school, including our philosophy, aims and curriculum, but without making it too unwieldy. I feel it is important to be well-informed, but realise that choosing a nursery setting for your child is a very personal decision. Nothing quite matches seeing a school in action – and meeting the people involved. I am always delighted to meet parents and carers who want to find out more about Elmwood – I can email detailed information and invite you to arrange a visit to the school. We are happy to have any child, whatever their needs or personality! And we hope they will be happy with us. I look forward to hearing from you (please see below).


Arrange a visit

Visits are usually on Tuesday mornings at 9.15 am or 9.30 am and last about 45 minutes (but can be on other days). During this time, I can answer any questions you may have, show you the school, and you will have the opportunity to observe us in action. Please contact me for an appointment.


Complete an Application Form 

After your visit, you will receive an application form with more details about the registration and fees. Please register your child as early as you can. There are sometimes last-minute spaces because people have moved or made other plans, so do contact us at any time during the year, and for children of any age between two and four years old).



There are three terms in the school year, and fees are charged by the term. Fees may be paid in one transfer or split into monthly payments. If your child is eligible for government three- and four-year old funding, the appropriate  number of funded hours are detailed on your invoice, and only additional hours or services are charged. If your child has one of the limited fully-funded two-year old places, no additional charges are made. Additional funding for working parents of two-year olds is being introduced in April 2024.

Please contact us for

current fee details, and please see below for details of government funding. 

Early years funding

All children are eligible for the 15-hour universal funding from the term after their third birthday. Government cut-off dates apply as follows:

  • For funding in the Autumn term (September-December), a child must be three by 31 August.

  • For funding in the Spring term (January-March), a child must be three by 31 December.

  • For funding in the Summer term (April-July) a child must be three by 31 March. Early years settings will apply for this funding on behalf of eligible families. 

Some working parents of three- and four-year olds may be eligible for an additional 15-hour entitlement (government criteria apply). Parents need to apply for this themselves (see below).


Some children are eligible for two-year old funding (government criteria apply), and additional funding for working parents of two-year olds is being introduced in April 2024.


For details, please go to or


Find out what you are eligible for

 For details and eligibility criteria, go to



Get in touch to ask about available funded spaces

At Elmwood, we have a limited number of fully-funded (ie free) spaces for two-year olds and for three- and four-year olds. Please contact the Principal to enquire. 

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